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Hey hi hello! 
So while I've been on this pain management course I've been having psychology sessions, the most recent one we talked about my drawings.
I suppose that I use them as my way of expressing what's going on in my head or what I'm thinking/feeling, not quite therapy but a form. 

I got to thinking about what I want to do with them, with drawing, with creating. 
I started up a little Etsy shop with greetings cards, while I very much enjoyed drawing them and the whole process of selling, it doesn't seem to have gone anywhere. 
I'm thinking of adding up some prints of my drawings I put on here, on Insta, as A5/A4/A3 prints to either download and print yourself or a physical copy. 

I have been experimenting with so many different styles and I think I'm getting closer to 'mine' and through that, my blog has evolved into more of a creative based internet space, that sounds cool doesn't it. I love sharing my art and talking about what I'm doing, so I'm very grateful for my blog. 

But moving forward I have been thinking about what I want to do with my art, I would love to create massive canvas pieces with paints and pastels and paper, all the P's! But unfortunately I don't have the space for this, so my iPad is the next best thing, I can create all day long on that thing, it's like my child, I take it everywhere, other than my Dr Martens, it's definitely one of the best presents my parents have got me! 

I have been wanting to contact some companies, John Lewis, Ikea, Tesco, baby shops, I don't even know, just anyone and everyone that will take art submissions, be it for fabric or wallpaper, whatever it is I just want my art on things! Which leads me nicely into my next point, my ultimate bucket list dream, other than have my home appear in one of those beyond fancy Home magazines, is to go to university and study Surface Pattern Design.

In short terms, you design the stuff that goes on the stuff! 
The patterns for fabrics to make into clothes, to use for furniture upholstering, mugs, shoes, you name it, I want to do it. 

All I want to do is create, and having a purpose to create is fantastic, I really wish I had valued my time at college more because looking back on it now there are so many things I could have done differently, but I suppose thinking back to that now isn't really helping, only pushing me forward with what I want to achieve. 
Drawing and creating is my biggest passion, I could, no, I would talk all day about it and for those times, like now, when there's no one around, my blog is perfect. 

Since posting art on my blog I have had some really cool opportunities come up which is beyond amazing, I am so grateful for the support and interest, even on Instagram, I know it's not about the numbers but I am thankful that people take the time to read my blog, hello!, and like my pictures. 

So thank you for popping in again, please feel free to look at my other posts and check out Instagram if you want to keep up to date with my drawings! 
If you have any questions or a really cool opportunity you think would be fun for me, please drop an email! - nylontoast@gmail.com 

Thanks again, 
Hannah :) 

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