Thoughtful Drawing

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Hello again! 
Two posts in one day, aren't you lucky. I just really wanted to share more of the art I have been doing, especially if you don't follow me over on my Instagram then this is the best place to see it, much bigger images! With everything that we have been doing my mind has been going all over the place so drawing is my way of letting out my thoughts. 
These are a little more expressive than some of the things I have been doing more recently, although when I use to draw waaay back when I got my first iPad I would draw all the time, painting mostly on the apps that I had then. 
Upgrading to the iPad pro it has allowed me to be more expressive with what I'm doing and making I feel anyway. 
With the Apple Pencil, the limitations are endless really, being able to put it on an angle and have a wider brush, press lightly and barely be able to see anything but especially for hand lettering the pressure sensitivity is fantastic. 

These are some of the drawings that I have come up with after listening to the talks we've had on pain management, pacing, relaxation, just my interpretation of the talks. 

Do you draw to let out thoughts and emotions? Be nice to have some insta or profile links if you do! 

Thanks for popping in, as always, 

Hannah :) xo
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