Lines upon lines

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Hey hello!

I have been drawing a lot since I've been on this course, have a nosey at my last post if you're confused! There's quite a bit of sitting and waiting for your next session, if it's only like 20 minutes I don't see the point of going back to the room to come back again!

So I have been faffing around with some other drawing apps that I have and a new one that I was rather excited about because I had tried the free version but could never get on with it but still wanting to try the full versions features.
Tayasui Sketches Pro was free on the app store this week so I snapped that up! Fantastic, I mean I probably would have bought it if I could have tried it first, it's so annoying that they don't let you do that, yeah the lite version but it's not an accurate representation of what the paid app will be like.

So with this app there is a feature that makes any line you draw a straight line, so you can draw continuously and they will all be straight.
So I draw the outline in this app and then go over to my trusty Procreate where I can colour it in and edit it with layers.
These are the finished images, I'm thinking of doing some more to make them all link together somehow but these are done!

They remind me a little of the Etch-A-Sketch you had as a kid where all you could do was lines.

What do you think? Any opinions at all!

Thanks for popping in, as always,

Hannah :) xo
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