Pug Meetup - Blogtober #2

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Hey hi hello, 
It's a late one, thanks for showing up, or not, you know!
So I mentioned on twitter that I was going to be participating in Inktober as well, I saw a lot of people doing it last year but that was like a week or so before the end of the month, would have been quite pointless starting it then! 

So along with my blogtober posts I'm going to be including the ink drawing here too!
Two birds with one stone much. 

This one, the little head in black I drew on actual real paper, I know, what a shock, I had forgotten what real pens felt like because I have only been drawing on my iPad since May!
But I did colour it in and write the INKTOBER on my iPad, so it wasn't completely, cheating? maybe. 

Okay so what else have I been up to. 
We took Lancelot to the monthly pug meet up we have in our local park, he bloody loved it.
There was about 12 pugs I think, some we had seen before and a few new faces, some were even dressed up for Halloween omfg beyond cute. 

I'm actually in one of these photos, very rare to catch me in front of the lens haha.
Lancelot has great fun at these meet ups, so many other pugs to play with, and if you remember my post about Costa, you might recognise Pete from there, he has a pug called Lola! 

Do you like pugs? Dogs? Anything?

Thanks for popping in, be sure to come back tomorrow because there will be more where this came from! 

Hannah :) xo

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