Paper Cutout - Blogtober #4

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Blogtober day 4 is a thing, that's today, late post up but it's before midnight so there. 
What did I do today, nothing, what a surprise. We dropped m'lady off at college this morning, came home and then.. yep. 
Actually I trained the dog a bit with the bells by the back door, where we live we don't have a cat flap, dog flap, door flap?? 
So the door has to be left open or we follow him every time he leaves the room to see if he needs to go outside, so I was googling ways to get him to learn how to tell us when he needs to go outside, BELLS were the answer!
To pets at home I go, I put them up on the wall next to the door and began placing pieces of ham on the bells to get him interested in them.

After him realising that if he rung the bell he would get a treat, it turned into a game of how many times could he ring the bell before he treats ran out!
Eventually I turned to youtube to see how other people were doing it, some suggested throwing the treat on the other side of the door so he could see where it was and then try to work out how to get it - by ringing the bell so I would open the door, in turn, winning the treat. 

After about 30 minutes of this he got the idea, now when we go in the kitchen we ask if he wants to go 'OUTSIDE!!!!!' in the happiest, most high pitched voice you can humanly make and get him to ring the bell before we open the back door.
and breathe..

What else did I do, mm, played Skyrim, I really enjoy Skyrim, I may do a more detailed post on it, like my levels, armour and fave weapon and such, someone might appreciate it!
Onto the art!

I am kinda into paper cutting at the moment, creative I know. 
I made a little thing for my nans fridge, cute right.

And then I wanted to do something a bit more abstract looking like my 'normal' creations, I suppose I can include this in #inktober4 as well because there is ink in this yellow one, the black lines are with ink! win. 

If you were here for a little chat and on/or on twitter, you would have seen that my fave ink brush pen ran out, WELL, m'lady reminded me that the pen has cartridges!! WHICH I HAVE TWO MORE OF OH MY GOD, so there will be more ink drawings for the rest of inktober yay!

Okay, I think I'm just about done. 
See anything you like? 
See anything you don't? Please do let me know, a comment, tweet, email! 

Thanks for reading, as always,
Hannah :) xo 

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