Nothing - Blogtober #6

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I have nothing to talk about today. 
We went to town. 
Had coffee in a new coffee shop that's opened in town.
Came home.
I lost my bag but then realised I left it at the gym.
So we went back to the gym to pick it up, luckily it was still there.


Today was a slow one.

I don't even have an inktober, what a fail.
I'll have two tomorrow as a consolation, just way too tired to even think about making something, lucky this blog post is going up! 
Even if it goes up at 11:59pm I will put a post up every single day, v committed to blogtober!

So, pop in tomorrow for something a little more exciting, I think anyway!

Thanks for reading, as little as there was,
Hannah :) xo

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