Not Feeling IT - Blogtober #7

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I guess you might have come back today for something a little more exciting, well I'm terribly sorry to disappoint, I've got nothing.
Today was one of those days where literally nothing happened, I only left the house at 6:30pm to buy a last minute lottery ticket because have you seen what the prize is, oh my god, but no, we didn't win, I checked the numbers like 5 times. Damn.
I'm feeling strangely optimistic about this Euromillions, dunno, I'm feeling winning.
It's just rolled over to £139 million, I mean, what would you even do with that amount of money, I read that if you won that much, you would be richer than George Clooney...

You could have enough money to put it all in the bank and just live off the monthly interest and survive quite comfortably, I just did a quick google, and if you left £1 million in the a bank account with 4% interest on it, you will be getting back £110 a day or just over £3,000 a month, so, x that by 139.. I MEAN. You're fine, you're set for life.

Onto more realistic things, I drew something today, and I actually quite like it. 

She doesn't have a name yet, which is unusual because I always give who I draw a name.
This one took a while so I guess I will use this for Inktober day 7, I'm not going to beat myself up about not getting one out everyday or whatever, I'm just having fun with it, but I am going to put a blog post up everyday! 

I think I might do a post on Skyrim tomorrow if we don't do anything else, I think that'll be cool, I'd want to read it! 

Thanks for coming by, 
Hannah :) xo

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