It Went Flat! - Blogtober #10

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I have blogged for 10 days in a row. 
Very exciting stuff, I've been thinking about continuing posting every day even after Blogtober is finished, this is like my 'thing' now, would that make me a full-time blogger? I suppose I could say it does to make me sound more profesh, right.

Okay so today was a little more eventful than any other day, this happened; 

I tweet everything, if you're not already following me then here's a catch up from today ha.
Here's my TWITTER if you fancy a stalk, no not you mum! 

I had a sit at the table when I got back and felt like drawing and came up with this!

I am so proud of this piece, I have shared it everywhere, pls look at it and like it as much as I do ha!
I might make it into some prints for my little shoppy.

A little smaller so you can see it all in one go!
The faint black writing is just my NYLONTOAST because I don't want this going walkabout, gotta protect the original.

Do you draw? 
Link me to your instas, twitters, anywheres!

Thanks for reading,
Hannah :) xo
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