Homemade teriyaki - Blogtober #3

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Hey hi hello. 
Let's start with inktober shall we, number 3!

If you follow me on twitter or read the post I did quite late last night, you will know that my favourite brush pen ran out! 
Not sure what I'm going to use now but I'm sure I will find something. 

So, onto blogtober. 
I didn't do much today, stocked up on a bit of food shopping, Iceland, Lidl, Waitrose, you know. 
There are these bags of chicken in Iceland, 8 pieces of either garlic and herb, hot and spicy, normal breadcrumbs or southern fried, only £2! 
AND. Iceland does the nicest sausages omg, a bag of 40 for only £2 as well! 

We got a bag of potatoes in Lidl, 7.5kg for £3.29, fab.
Ham for sandwiches, some fancy German biscuits, noodles and brown sugar because we tried to make our own teriyaki sauce with the sugar and soy sauce, it turned out alright actually, a little sweet towards the end of eating it but overall about a 8/10 for flavor. 

MMMM. What else did I do.
Actually I found some multi-coloured paper in Lidl so I had a go at paper cutting an image, I made one for my nans fridge, I'll show that tomorrow because I made something else tonight, a bit more interpretive. 

Well, that was day three. 
Maybe tomorrow will be more interesting, MAYBE IT WON'T. 

Thanks for popping in! 

Hannah :) xo

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