Drawing Day - Blogtober #8

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So when I said yesterday that I wanted to write about Skyrim, I didn't think about how hard it would be to actually get images from the game to here, I play on PS3 and only recently got it on PC just to faff around with mods and such soooo.
PS3 doesn't allow you to get screenshots of the game so there goes my idea for that and taking actual photos of the TV didn't work out great either because of the reflections.
So here's a bunch of drawings I did today and I will try and figure out a way to talk about games another day.

This first one is just a messy face, a bit of hair and squiggles, nothing to fancy.
This next one was just a doodle with a new brush I got, it's a chalk effect one, which you will be able to see better in the next images.

Here's the chalk, some lettering practice with the alphabet before I tried some words.

Last but not least, you really are!!

Also a sneaky peak for the last one because that's not even on instagram yet! 
I suppose these could be used as the inktober days but I'm going to draw up with my real brush pen later in the week, v exciting stuff.

Thanks for popping in, are you liking blogtober?
Hannah :) xo

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