Busy Or Not To Busy? - Blogtober #12

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Alright hello there. 
This is another super late one because I only came home at about 8:45pm ish, what even, we left the house at 9:30am to drop m'lady off at college and that was it, we stayed out all day, doing what I hear you ask. 

Pretty much not a lot.
Due to some issues at the gym we were at, we had to leave, obviously being quite upset about this we needed to sort it out because for my mums health she has to swim every day and for my own medical problems, it's better for me long term if I am participating in some form of exercise every day too.
So we went out looking for another gym that can accommodate her wheelchair and needs and that doesn't cost a bomb.

Whoopee for us we found one. 
A little bit further to travel but overall so much better than our last gym, sold. 
We had a tour around and spoke to quite a few members of staff, all beyond friendly and helpful btw, and we settled that we were going to go back later for a trial swim to see if it all went well. 

We went to the new coffee shop in town, I had tea and it came in a teapot that looked like a beehive! How fancy. 

Moving on a few hours, mum was in a lot of pain due to something that happened yesterday so off to A&E we went, sat in there for about 2 hours, fun. 
All is good, don't fret. 
I had a sandwich while I was there, I'm not sure you could call it tuna & cucumber?

About then it was time to go and collect m'lady from college so we waited there for her to finish and after that we were due to go back for our trial swim at the gym, we had an hour to kill so we wandered around Sainsburys, WHICH, I am glad we did because I got a new item of clothing, almost a corduroy dungaree type dress thing, it's fantastic. 

THEN we went to the gym, had a swim about and talked to another member of staff who went over everything with us and assured us we could go back as many times as we need to to make sure that everything is suitable, which we know it is already!
Yay we found a new gym that is waaaaaaaay better than the last one. 

And to end it all, some pretty clouds.

Do you have days like this, where you don't plan on being busy and then you realise it's dark before you're even home??
Pls do share.

AND what do you think of the layout, the text being aligned to the left? I made a poll over on my twitter to see what people thought, your feedback would be much appreciated, either over there or a quick comment here!

Thanks for reading, 
Hannah :) xo
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