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Hello hello, 
So I have seen quite a few people talking about Blogtober, first of all it got me thinking why can't you just do it every month?
January - Bloguary
February - Bloguary.. okay I didn't think about that one
March - Blogarch
April - Blogpril
May - Blogay.. mm
June - Blune! I know that youtubers do Vlune
July - Blogly.. that could work
August - Blogust
Spetember - Blogtember
November - Blogvember
December - Blogber

Okay so some of those might not work, blogtember sounds okay and so does blogpril, I guess it doesn't have to have a name but it's cool I suppose.

The spellchecker that I use is going crazy right now with all these made up words omg. 

So anyway, onto whatever crap I have to talk about today. 
Happy October 1st.

I love the last three months of the year, autumn into winter is probably my favourite time, especially when the weather does what it's meant to and gets colder. 
I love to wrap up in scarves and big coats, I have this coat my mum found in a charity shop like, two, maybe three years ago now, it's amazing. 
Beige/camel coloured, about mid thigh length and big enough to wrap around, it was only £10 and I think I searched for the brand online after we got it and they usually go for waaaaaay more than that!

How about some cute pictures of my dog, Lancelot, to finish the first day of Blogtober! 
Autumnal themed too, check him out. 
He also has his own Instagram, what a diva. 


Thank you for reading,
as always.

Hannah :) xo

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