An Early Chirtsmas! - Blogtober #5

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Hey hi hello hola,
Inktober #5 to start as usual. 

A few rude doodles to end the day.

I gave the dog a bath the other day, he wouldn't stay still so I had to hold him to get the soap off, oh my god I was drenched. 

Looking rather sorry for himself afterwards! His fur is sooo soft now though so there's that.

So today mum and I went to the garden centre and as soon as we walked in we were bombarded with Christmas! Red and white everywhere, trees and glitter, fake snow and lights! Almost like santas grotto.

Isn't this reindeer terrifying oh my god the eyes.

 Would you look at all this stuff.

 Pug ornaments!!

 Mums new pet Hedwig!

 Apparently tinsel now doubles as feather boas.


 This was a cute setup, baby otters on a water feature, aw!

An army of robins!!

Alrighty then, that's about it for today, tune in tomorrow for more of the same, I think I'm going to town so that'll make for saying something interesting, you'd like to think, ha.

I'll leave you with this picture of my happy doggo after a run in the park.

Thanks for reading, as always, 
Hannah :) xo

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