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Is this part of Blogtober, who even cares. 
Just wanted to post a little about drawing. 
Nothing new there. 
My favourite brush pen just ran out. Fuck.
I often think how much I would love a studio, somewhere I can just leave all my art supplies out on the desk, not have to tidy away a canvas I've been working on, probably haven't finished, leave many a pot of dirty paint water about, you know, messy artist shit.
Currently watching crappy documentaries and waiting for a bottle of water to go cold in the fridge, gosh my life is exciting, it's about 11:20pm.
The dog is snoring between my feet and m'lady is doing god knows what on Pinterest.

I'm really enjoying blogging, Blogtober has given me a spur of motivation, I want to write, I want to draw and upload, I want to do stuff. 
Also, I'm working on some new prints to put up on my Etsy, A4, A5 size hopefully if I can find some envelopes that are the right size!
Don't even get me started on envelopes, for A5 sized paper you need an A5+ sized envelope?? no-one bloody tells you that when you order them!

Does anyone else find, with a macbook pro, that the OFF button is right next to the backspace? I'm so glad it doesn't switch off if you just tap it, I'd be screwed if it did every time omg.

Anyway, that's it from me, for now anyway. 

Hannah :) xo

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