What is the point?

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One thing that really annoys me about blogging, is blogging. 

It's currently 10pm and I'm sitting here thinking what is the point. I love typing and I love sharing stuff, I think I love writing for my blog more than I love reading blogs, it's just a plus.

I have been blogging on and off for about 4/5 years and sometimes I wish I'd bloody stuck with it from the beginning, maybe I would be somewhere by now, but even so, what does that mean. Somewhere.

There are so many fantastic bloggers out there, people who have been doing it for 10+years and others who have only just started a week ago, everyone's blog is as good as the next.
Some post reviews, some post fashion, travel, beauty, life stories, a bit of everything.

I don't think I've found my blogging 'niche' yet, I talk about pretty much anything and everything, not too sure how far to go with some things as my mum reads my blog (hi mum!) I mean not that she gives a shit what I talk about, she knows everything anyway but eh, you know.

I love posting about my art but I feel like because I share it all over on my insta, people may not want to see the same things on my blog too? kinda like why read here if it's over there?

I want to talk about stuff I like, I have been totally obsessed with Skyrim recently, like, I have over 150 hours into it so far, I love it, but I really want to talk about why I love it and how I got into it.

I drew a thing.

I think I'm going to be overhauling my blog soon, I know people are like '' It's your blog your space, you do you! '' but then you have the thought in the back of your head like eh, who would want to read that.

I do, me writing it, hello, I care.
If I enjoy what I'm writing then that's enough for me, I'm not too fussed if it doesn't get as many views as my other posts or if no one comments or shares it, whatever.

My blog is like my online scrap book and diary if you like, I'm gonna put crap here, I'm gonna write a post about what I buy in Iceland, their £2 bag of 40 sausages is so fucking cool, they taste great and what a bargain!!

I don't want to fit into any category and I don't care if I never get brand collabs, my blog is mine and that's it really. 

I will continue to share my posts on twitter because why the fuck not, if anyone wants to read then THANKU. 

That's about it for chats this evening, my laptop is on 27% and I really wanna go play Skyrim omg.

Thank you for reading, or not reading, you do you too! 

Hannah :) xo

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