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Hey hi hello, 
I just wanted to share this piece of software I've been using while writing blog posts and anything else on the internet!
I've included some screenshots of it working and the links to the website, very useful!

So the first thing I love that it does is underline when you have a problem, it show's when you have errors and lets you correct them via the help button at the bottom of the screen. 

Once you have been in the tab at the bottom you press everything that is shown as an error, be it spelling, grammatical or you've just used the wrong their, there, they're.

Another really cool thing is you can just hover over what you want to correct and it does it right there so you don't need to open the extra window, fantastic for quick fixes.

I'm dyslexic so spelling is not my strongest skill, I was always worried about putting posts out there and people commenting back saying I've spelt that wrong or used the wrong word, I've wanted to find something like this for a while but you always had to write up in the programme and then copy paste it to where you want it, but with this software it does it anywhere you're typing, even on twitter if it's in the browser. 

I don't remember how I came across the software but very glad I did.
I use the free version because I don't feel like I need much more from it, but I may upgrade!

Do you use any proofreading software or just rely on yourself?

Thanks for reading, as always,
Hannah :) xo

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