Fibro What?

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Hey hi hello, 
Okay I have no idea where or how to start this post, I know I definitely want to share it because I share everything on here, plus I feel like writing stuff down really helps, even if there's no one else to read it! 

I suppose I should start from the beginning, I think I have mentioned in other posts, or at least one, that I have something going on with my back, hips, legs, whatever else, these pains started when I was about 7 I guess, I first noticed it. 
They passed but have progressively got worse as I've gotten older, too much to ignore!
So returning to the doctors, specialists, scans, blood tests, I was told I had mild scoliosis and hardly any liquid between the discs in my spine, that's what was causing the pain. 
Here's where it get's interesting.
Of course, I believed that because you know, doctors know what they're talking about, right?! I took the medication, I did the physio, I had every scan they wanted me to, and still nothing good was coming of it because I'm still in constant pain.
My mum pushed for me to be referred to Stanmore, Royal National Orthopedic Hospital, that's a mouthful, being referred there I have seen a specialist dealing with back conditions and pain.
I couldn't have been better received.
The specialist I was seeing requested for me to have some scans and blood tests done in May, and on Friday 9th September was my follow up appointment to discuss those.

In simple terms, the first thing she said to me was, ''there is nothing wrong with your back''


I was shocked, well what IS wrong with me then?!
She went on to explain the scans and ask a few more questions and eventually arrived at her point. 
She had a diagnosis for me, oh my god, the relief. For so many years I've just been stuck with the label of potential disc degeneration, I mean how do you even explain that to people who have never heard of it.

then because of these, chronic widespread pain too! 

I think I hit bingo on this one.
I was so happy to hear those words, obviously not happy that I've got them but I finally have a diagnosis which is fantastic! The number of doors this is going to open for me is amazing, I can potentially go to university, I can learn to drive, I can get a job! 
And with the prospect of reducing my pain through exercise is life changing.

So that's my life at the moment, I'm waiting for a letter to say I can go on a 3-week assessment at the hospital to see how I manage my pain, to help with techniques, exercises, basically to improve my quality of life, how exciting! 

Thanks for sticking around if you've read the lot, it was quite a long one! 
If you have any experience of any of these conditions I would love to know, I'm on the lookout for other bloggers that blog about them so I can get some more information for myself!

Hannah :) xo

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