Dream Desk?

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Hey hi hello, 
Since taking the desk out of my room, I've been looking at the empty space and just wishing I had something Pinterest worthy to fill it!
I thought I'd have a browse at a few pins for some inspiration I guess, but unlike the people who put their photos up, I don't have an endless budget, or good lighting or space. 
So here's some photos I've been lusting over. Yas.

I have added links to the photos as well, so if you fancy seeing who took them or where the  original photo is from, you can do that yay.

Here's a link to my desk inspo board if you fancy following whatever else I might be interested in, who knows.

I would like to mention something, desk chairs, who's with me on this.
The chairs in these photos, maybe the last grey coloured one, they seem so uncomfortable. 
Now I don't know about you (I'm feeling 22) but I spend a considerable amount of time at my desk or table, I'm not sure those chairs would be very practical at all. 

And like any decent human being, keeping my desk tidy wouldn't be my top priority but it would definitely be up there. 
It might look Pinterest worthy maybe the first day, but then after that, please never look at it again. I think a desk should be well lived in, it's your place to get everything or nothing done, so you know where everything is, that random washi tape everyone thought you'd lost, nope! It's in the second draw down, back left corner, under that notebook you bought 6 months ago and haven't used because it's too pretty. 

Do you have a Pinterest desk?
Or just a 'normal' desk?

Thanks for reading, 
Hannah :) xo

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