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Hey hi hello, 
So I've been drawing, like always, nothing new there.
In college I remember some projects we had to do, drawing from life, landscapes, still life, naked people drawing, you know, the usual. 
In college you're meant to find your style and the way you do things, looking around I suppose everyone else either had already found their style or they were winging it, like me.
I draw different, I draw bad, honestly, I draw crap, and I'm totally okay with that. 

That's my style, how I express myself on paper or my iPad screen as it is now. 
I like to draw patterns and use lots of colour and abstract things that don't often resemble anything.

There was one project I remember, it was a self-portrait, I painted my shirt, which of course is the most garish colourful item of clothing you have ever seen, but for my face, I didn't feel confident drawing my face, my features or my piercings, anything really, I was a little worried about people thinking it was crap (more on this later) so what I decided to do was cover my hand in paint and plant a handprint over where my face should have been, I got around it because my fingerprint is my identity.. right..!!

Now I'm not saying the way I draw is revolutionary in any way, there are plenty of other artists that draw 'crap' but that's okay, it's their style, how they do things.
I don't think I have found my absolute style yet, still messing around with things and trying new ways of drawing the same face. 

But it will take as long as it takes, I thought I found it in college but then I kept drawing and realised that wasn't me either, I have tried to be inspired by other artists and things I see but nothing has stuck yet.

So, for now, I'm drawing like crap, and I like it. 

 The deal with people thinking my art is crap is a weird one, I'm one of these people that doesn't really give a shit about what people think about me or say, but before when it came to my art I was a little sensitive.
Through drawing with rough lines and not rubbing anything out, I have come to appreciate the way I create, be it a drawing, a paper cut out or whatever else I feel like making.
What I'm trying to get at is, draw how you want to draw! 
And this leads to something new I've started, I wanted a place to post junk.
on my Instagram at the moment, nylontast, I put up pretty much everything I draw and that's cool, but I wanted somewhere to post up the shit I didn't fancy putting there.

Thanks for reading, 
Hannah :) xo

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