Things That Make Me Smile

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Thought I would share a little positivity today with a few, well, 30 things that make me smile or make me happy :)

1. Ice tea, literally, I love it.
2- Tea in general actually.
3. Seeing dogs pretty much anywhere.
4. Drawing, either on my iPad, paper wherever.
5. Beef jerky oh my god.
6. Disney, anything Disney related, movies are fab.
7. Going to the cinema, this is definitely one of my favourite things to do. 
8. Playing those completely pointless tapping games, very addictive. 
9. Swimming, I swear I'm part fish. 
10. There's this face m'lady does that she calls her turtle face, that. 
11. Long car journeys to interesting places. 
12. IKEA. That is all. 
13. Writing stuff for my blog actually, very enjoyable. 
14. Baking cakes because I know I get to eat them afterwards. 
15. A guilty pleasure of mine is very bassy music, louder the better. 
16. Taking photos, for my blog, insta or just to keep in a folder and never look at again. 
17. Cochem in Germany, our regular holiday destination. 
18. Learning, learning something new makes me very happy.
19. Intsagram, I love interacting with people on there and finding new photos to like.
20. Shaving my head, I think I'll do a whole post on this soon. 
21. Sushi, all the sushi.
22. Family days out make me v happy.
23. Watching crappy documentaries about anything. 
24. Tattoos, piercings come under the same number because they're both happy pain.
25. Games, minecraft, sims, animal crossing, calm games. 
26. Wearing funky coloured or patterned socks. 
27. Kpop music, very into that, much enjoy.
28. People saying please and thank you, manners cost nothing. 
29. Smiling at people in the street, and especially when they smile back. 
30. Waving at public service workers, bin men, police, bus drivers, very fun. 

Do you have any things in particular that make you smile or happy?
Please do share them.

Thanks for reading as always, 
Hannah :) xo
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