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Hey hi hello, so we're all trawling the internet in search of the next big thing, I'm exactly the same, I often find myself googling 'small bloggers' 'new bloggers' 'lifestyle bloggers' 'any bloggers that are posting real content!'

Not saying that the famous, popular bloggers don't post real content, but I would love to just have a sit with a cuppa and read about your day out with your family with photos, I think the photos are the best bit. 
Bloggers who write lists about their favourite blogs to read are very much on my radar lately so I thought I would do my own. 
This is where I find my inspiration, people just starting out and still very innocent in terms of the blogging community, they're writing for them and maybe their mum or best friend who reads every post they put up as soon as they press publish. 

I'm very much for rambling on about nothing and everything so that's what I look for when I fancy a good few hours reading. 

So I'm going to share some blogs I have been loading up every day to see in anticipation if they've put up something new for me to read, well not just me, but you get the picture. 

Hiya! I'm Nicole Marie and I run the blog 'ThriftyVintageFashion' Where you can expect to see lots of tips and advice to help you on your way. I love photography and writing. I also may have a slight unhealthy addiction to Harry Potter!


Hello! I'm Charlotte, an 18 year old Fashion Communication and Promotion student with a love of cats, baking and blogging! I hope you enjoy my little piece of the internet!


Hello! I'm Hayley, a 21 year old Surface Pattern student currently living in Leeds.



nettle&blackberry is a UK lifestyle blog, written and curated by Imii, a 21 year old student. 
Formerly based in Paris, now based in London and the North East, n&b is a chance to explore the world around and record the beauty in the mundanity of every day life.



Vix is your blogger best bud. Want someone you can chat to about your woes? Drop her an email or a DM and you might find your answers appear in a Vix's Fixes - her 'ADVICE' column. Want a giggle? Read her '10 THINGS' posts. Want to find out what's on her mind? Her 'MUSINGS' are subjects she's been thinking about lately.
Whatever you need, Vix is here.

19 / UK / half hearted artist / creative lifestyle blogger / hands behind @lazypencilco


So there we have it, some of my go to reads at the moment, I think I'll do one of these every month just to share who I've loved reading. 
Are you following any of these blogs already, if not then maybe do! 

Thank's for reading as always,
Hannah :) xo

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