Scarf or Blanket?

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Hey hi hello, 

Around this time for the past few years I have bought a scarf to see me through autumn and winter, my last ones have been from Asos, so I thought I would keep up the tradition and get another one this year from there. 

The way I like my scarves are like blankets, it's more acceptable to wear a hella oversized scarf wrapped around you like a blanket than an actual blanket. 

Although I did recently buy this blanket from Ikea, which, if wrapped correctly, could pass for a scarf, I'm up for that. 

I thought I would just show a few of my favourites on Asos at the moment, I'm not too sure which one I'm going to invest in just yet but I will be sure to update when I do. 

ASOS Oversized Scarf With Tassels In Herringbone Geo £18.00

Do you have a favourite here? Or just a scarf that you love to wear?

Thanks for popping in, 
Hannah :) xo

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