Pug Meet Up!

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Hi Hello, so on Saturday we went to our local park to attend our first pug meet up! 
I had been searching online for a local meet up as most of them are in Brighton or London, not wanting to travel that far, this one was perfect. 

We weren't sure if it was going to be on because there was an event at the same park, but luckily it was! 
I don't think I've ever seen so many pugs and neither has Lancelot, it was a lovely experience and the other people there were just as friendly.

Lancelot certainly had fun, as soon as we got home he went straight to sleep.

At the same park as I said, there was an event on, a small carboot and some charity stalls, we had a look around while we were there. 

Just a nice afternoon out, mum and Jon went into town and we came home with the dog, the weather was quite hot so we didn't want to leave him out in it for too long. 

Just a short post today, thanks for reading as always. 

Hannah :) xo

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