Life With Glasses

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I've wanted to talk about glasses for a while, I've just been gathering ammunition for the post! 
Now anyone who has glasses will hopefully understand what I'm going to be rambling on about, I have tried contact lenses but I can't get on with them at all, and anyway, I feel like my glasses are a very big part of me now, I definitely don't feel like myself when I don't wear them.
The first thing I want to mention is water in general, this includes rain, swimming, being in the shower, even brushing your teeth. 
Being in the shower is the worst one for me, I'm lucky that I enjoy having colder showers but if there's even the tiniest bit of steam then I'm left blind, but if I take them off, I'm also blind! You try shaving your legs without glasses and not slice them open.

Swimming is a pain too, I go swimming pretty much every evening, I have tried not wearing them while in the pool but I literally cannot see a thing, not the clock to see how long it is until the gym closes, not other swimmers until I'm practically about to hit them, so I pretty much just hug the side of the pool or settle for water splotches in my eyes.
Second is makeup. 
I don't often wear make up, the main thing that puts me off is my glasses though. 
I spend a good while making my eyelids a very nice blended gradient of colour, maybe even a bit of eyeliner only for it to be completely hidden behind my lenses. 
Like I said, I love my glasses but I would also love for people to be able to see the shimmery beacon that is coming from my lids. 
Third issue is the glasses..
Okay yes, you know I love them, you know they're a part of who I am, they're like my thing, I used a purple glasses icon on my business cards in college, it's kinda my signature. 
I'm very fortunate to have the glasses I do, as they weren't cheap, they're also the mens version of the womens ones I didn't like, so there's that.
But there comes a day when you're not seeing things like you use to so you book yourself in for an eye test only to be told you need new lenses, so comes the dilemma of having to choose new glasses or stick with the ones you now consider your children.
I feel like I'm talking about my glasses like they are my babies, but anyone who wears glasses on a daily basis, I hope, will understand what I mean, you get rather attached to them! 
You take your eyes for granted and when you leave them off your face for longer than you need to, you realise just how much you need them, I doubt I would even be able to leave my bedroom safely without them, I am very blind.
I've had these glasses for almost 4 years and I am very attached to them, I don't think I'll be changing them until they break!

Are you as attached to your glasses as I am?
And do you think you would have your eyes corrected so you wouldn't have to wear them again, or not?

Thanks for reading as always, 
Hannah :) xo

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