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Hi hey hello, 
So I have been quite open before about stuff that goes on with my life, I did a post a while ago about my back, family stuff, you know. 
I wanted to talk about something that has happened recently, my body has just decided to not like dairy anymore? 
I mean?
Literally out of nowhere, you could even say it happened overnight, I went to eat some cheese, and nope, it doesn't agree with me anymore, I will spare you the gory details but I'm sure you can imagine. 

I love cheese, like, I would put it on everything and anything, even if it already had cheese in it, more cheese, please. 
But now, I've had to go cold turkey on it all, I can't have anything dairy related, cheese, milk, milk protein??? what even is that.

You think oh yeah it's just cutting out cheese and milk, NOPE, I have been shocked and quite disappointed at the amount of food and drinks that actually contain milk/lactose/dairy. Going out is a bloody nightmare, having to ask for the allergen menu and watching staff fumble around is quite amusing, but what's not funny is when the only option on the whole menu is a bowl of chips!

I know there are thousands, millions of people that have this allergy/intolerance way worse than I do, I mean I'm not going to die if I eat anything containing dairy but it certainly does feel like it for a few days.

I am lucky that I like soy milk because the rest of them, coconut, almond, hazelnut, rice, oat.. just no. 
I have found something called A2 Milk, which is different from regular milk due to the way the proteins are separated, I can drink this no problem, and the plus is that it tastes exactly like regular skimmed milk so that's fab.
The price of dairy free foods. I think I will go into that another time, I could write for days about that! 

Some more information on dairy allergies/intolerances -

One thing that has been annoying me quite a bit though is people who don't actually have an allergy or intolerance and saying they do ...

I'm not trying to offend anyone here, it's just my opinion and I'll try and get my words out a nicely as possible!!
But when I go to a cafe or restaurant I expect to be able to say I have a severe allergy and not get home and be ill. 
If the waiters, chefs, whoever, don't take me seriously, it doesn't end very well for me, there have been places I have gone in to eat and left because they didn't have an allergen menu or weren't prepared to wash everything before they cooked my food. 

The people who say they have the allergy/intolerance and don't, just makes it a whole lot harder for the people who actually do, if you accidentally eat cheese, you're going to be fine, hell, you probably wouldn't even notice.
It's not something to be taken lightly.

Yes there are alternatives to foods and the special 'free from' section in bigger stores, but I have found the dairy replacement, especially cheese, doesn't always taste that good.
Also if something says it's gluten free, wheat free, egg free. I've hit the jackpot! Oh, wait.. it has dairy. Darn. 

I like to torture myself and pick up products that I know will have dairy in, I have wishful thinking! 

Okay slight update from when I typed this up before, I thought I would do an experiment and order a pizza, and surprisingly enough it had no effect on me????
I am just as confused as anyone.
I have been slowly re-introducing dairy related products into what I'm eating/drinking, some things seem to be making me sick.
I'm at a loss as to what to do about this, I suppose it's pretty much just hit and miss with foods now!

I guess I'll keep posting, different foods I try and what not.

Thanks for reading, bit of a lengthy one.
Do you suffer from any food intolerances/allergies? I'd love to hear your experiences! 

Hannah :) xo
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