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Hello hi hey, so the other day m'lady and I got on the bus and went to tesco, just for a coffee, my favourite Costa is located there so the trip was essential. 
We took our DS's, loaded with Animal Crossing of course, soy caramel large cappuccino and a small hot chocolate, no cream or marshmallows ordered we were set for the next few hours.
 The barista behind the counter is Peter, he is probably the main reason we always go to this Costa, he's beyond friendly and always up for a chat about pretty much anything, he makes the 'coffee shop experience' very much enjoyable. 
I believe he said he was leaving soon, so that means we'll have to find another coffee shop to frequent!

Also, the last photo, featuring the nicest muffins, due to recently discovering I cant have anything with dairy in, I just thought I would take the photo to torture myself :) :) :)

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