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Hi hello, 

So as always I haven't got round to updating anything on my little space of the internet, although there's not too much to report. 
You may have noticed a change in name to my blog, more on that shortly.
I've been drawing a lot, as usual.
The dog, Lancelot, is doing fine, he loves chewing just about everything and has discovered that he can fit snails in his mouth!
I have been looking into what I can do with my life, literally.

If you've been reading my blog before, you may have seen a post from me talking about the problems that I have with my back, due to this it makes it quite difficult to find a 'normal' job, and at this moment it's way too late to apply for university.

So.. moving on from that point, I have been looking into setting up my own little business! 
Because I draw, a lot, I thought why not put it to good use and see what I can have my designs printed on to, so I thought greetings cards!

I tries to work out how to do them at home, buying the card stock and ink for the printer, but then because I want to do them A6 size, there would be so much wasted paper from me cutting it down from A4, I have decided to have them printed elsewhere and then shipped to me. 

Another faff, envelopes.
Holy crap envelopes.
Trying to find the right size for the card is fine, but then because the envelope that I'm including with the card will be A6 size, it didn't fit in the envelope I was sending to the customer buying it.

It's all sorted now but bloody hell it was a hard one to work out. 

I think I will be posting updates on here as to how it's going, sneak peaks to designs and behind the scenes information. 

Thanks for reading and there will be a bigger announcement when it's all up and running! 

Hannah :) xo

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