Roots To Growth

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Hey hi hello, 

With the young adult carer group I'm apart of, My Future Group, we had an outing this month to a place called Roots For Growth.

On their website, which I have linked above if you fancy a look, they say; 

''Roots to Growth is a 6 acre working market garden community project. It is a sanctuary, a safe space, a community, a place of growth, inspiration and transformation.''

It's a great place to be outside and know you're helping out with something worthwhile, you get a sense of achievement when you see the hard work put you've put in.

I think my blog is turning into more of a place to document photos with minimal text about what the photos are, feedback would be really helpful, are you enjoying photo heavy posts or do you prefer more reading?

There was a white board in the main hut, I really liked this little message.
On the way to the compost bathroom you had to pass under this handmade trellis.
I spotted a little fly going about his day.
This is the main hut, somewhere to sit in the shade and make a cuppa.
The lunch menu! Made from things we harvested from the vegetable patches.
This was the pesto pasta with courgettes and beans, it tasted really good until I realised the pesto had dairy!
Very smart.
There was a seating area outside around a pit fire.
Matt planting some kale.
That's a rather large rooster!
This is the resident dog, Echo.
Some of the eggs collected from the chicken coop.
They made raised beds for the new veg.
Very excited about their harvest!
Some tomatoes in the poly tunnel, not quite ready.
This rhubarb was a monster!
I think this is purple kohlrabi, either way it looks cool.

Again thank you for reading, like I said, any feedback would be much appreciated.
If you want any more information about Roots To Growth, here's the link again - 

Roots To Growth.
Hannah :) xo
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