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Hi hello,
Like I said yesterday if the weather was good, I would be venturing into town again for the American Custom car show, I managed to get quite a few photos (172...) so I have tried to narrow it down and only put my favourites on here!

This is my favourite part of the Worthing Lions Festival, it happens every year, the weather was lovely today so the town was absolutely heaving, I took Lancelot and he nearly got squished a few times! 

Walking with the dog means that I get stopped by so many people asking to pet him and say hello, a few funny reactions from people include screaming for their other halves to come and see then listing reasons why they need a pug and children being so excited their parents have to pull them away! 
Lancelot loves the attention so it's all good to him. 

Do you have a favourite car?

Thanks for reading as always, 
Hannah :) xo
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