A Day Out

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Hey hi hello,
The lady and I went into town this week and she took her camera so I've acquired some photos to pop up a post about our day, I'm actually in front of the camera for this one, I know what a shocker! 

A quick Lancelot update, he is 6.5 months now, still chewing everything! 
His favourite flavour is chicken and my socks, he ha a very special talent of running after a ball to catch it, but he just touches it then runs straight back.
He also loves sleeping on the bed with us at night, and is about 94% house trained.

We have been taking him to puppy classes to learn the right way to do things and some other things to teach him, currently he is learning to lay down, and in this weeks session he won a prize for the best sit! 
Obviously a very proud dog mother over here.

M'lady caught me looking at some pretty things in the arcade, we then just wandered around town, ticking off things from our to do list and then catching the bus home.

Pretty normal day but it's nice to document them.

Thanks for reading as always, 
Hannah :) xo
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