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Hi hey hello.
So today we went somewhere rather exciting, we've never been to a convention before, we thought we'd start small instead of going straight to London.
Mum and Jon came with Catarina and I to this one, they enjoyed themselves too.
I feel like this will be quite picture heavy, but the pictures I got are pretty so it's all good.

We got some photo ops with people from Game Of Thrones, which was beyond cool.
The first one is Daniel Portman who plays Pod the squire, second is Kristian Nairn who is better known as Hodor.
Later on we were able to talk to them about their time working on the TV show and about their lives outside of GOT, and then attended a talk they did where they answered the audiences questions.

Okay now this is something really very cool, I have been reading the Beano since I can remember, I'd go religiously with my grandparents to Tesco and pick up the newest copy, I have boxes and crates full of old comics and annuals, I even have some of my mums copies!
We found a table where a man and woman were drawing characters from the Beano but I didn't realise it was the 'real' people, I was so fascinated by this because when you read the comics you just take for granted that someone has sat there for who knows how many hours drawing out every little box, so to see them draw and colour it in person was amazing. 
I got this one hand drawn by Nigel Parkinson and coloured by Nika Nartova (I hope, as I don't think I caught your name!) 
And of course I'm part of the Dennis the Menace fan club.

Walking around you'll see quite a few people in costume, cosplay.
They're more than happy to stop and have a photo taken, Catarina went dressed as Finn from Adventure Time.

This last one is our friend Abi, she went as Lumpy Space Princess, also from Adventure Time, so naturally they had to get a photo together, Abi is a frequent goer of these conventions so she knows her stuff!

I'm going to do a separate post on the things I bought at the con, not too many, but they're so cute they deserve a post of their own.

I did say this would be a photo heavy post, thanks if you've stuck with me until the end.
We had a fantastic time, and are definitely considering going to the one in London.

Would you go a convention like this, or have you been?

Thanks for reading as always.
Hannah :) xo
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