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Goodness indeed, now I'm even asking myself where the hell have I been.
To start off with I'm going to give the usual chat about how another year has been and gone, doesn't time seem to be passing much faster now?

As for New Years resolutions, blogging regularly definitely won't be one of them! 
I'm not even going to say anything just so I don't jinx myself, in all honesty though I don't really have a plan for the upcoming year, I'd love to say that I'm off to uni or have some exiting projects coming up but unfortunately not.
As clichee as it sounds, I think to take each day as it comes is the best way forward right now.

I have been reading so many posts, captions and watching videos on how some people feel the need to distance themselves from the internet as they have been sucked into what their followers/viewers/subscribers see as the perfect life.
While I can appreciate that the internet is a very big place and everyone is looking for the next big 'thing', I think what I can take from this is that we all need to remember these people with millions of followers are still normal people who wake up and go to sleep exactly the same as you and I.

Now a few posts ago I mentioned that I have a disability which affects pretty much everything in my day to day life, I think as this is a subject/topic I know a lot about I would like to still do the odd post every now and then about this.

Hum, so for now I guess that's it, I think I will just be chatting about things I'm interested in :)

Thanks for sticking with me if you have done, if not then I hope you've found something else to read! 

Hannah :) xo

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