But you don't look disabled?

Hello hello.
Ok so since my lifestyle has changed quite dramatically since I started this blog, I would like to use my little space on the internet to my advantage.
If you aren't aware, I am a disabled human being and I make up 1/3 of a disabled household.

I am the proud owner of a degenerative, ok say it with me, de-gen-er-ative, spinal condition which affects many aspects of my life from brushing my teeth to watching tv, yes really.
I am only speaking about my own condition and I can't compare myself to others with similar problems as that wouldn't be very fair.
In short, the bottom of my spine looks like it should belong to a very elderly lady, not a 20 year old!

So a little about me and what makes me different;
When I was about 7 I discovered a lot of unusual pain in my hips and after having scans, physiotherapy and being passed from doctor to consultant back to doctor again the unanimous decision was to just monitor it and come back in a few years.
As time went on I forgot about it and didn't seem to be in any more pain, until late 2013 when I was starting to have the same feelings again as I did when I was 7, so off to the doctors we went but this time they had answers for me, after and MRI scan it turns out the problem was not my hips at all but in fact my back!

In hindsight I wish the doctors back when I was 7 would have given me posture exercises or something like that and I doubt I'd be in as much pain as I am now because growing up I have just been compensating for the pain and now left with something that isn't going to get any better.

Oof this is lengthy, it feels odd not putting any pictures in!

But what I'd like to do now is have a little space to talk about problems I face when I, or my family goes out, be it not being able to access a shop or troubles with shop-mobility services.. you know who you are.

Thank you for reading and sticking with me if you have done!
Feel free to comment, like, share, do whatever you fancy.

Hannah :) 
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