Let's paint.

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Hello hello
So I have wanted to upload quite regularly on here but my damn laptop has been so unreliable at the best of times, I have a problem with the keyboard driver which means sometimes when I turn it on, not all the keys work... now when I want to type something to accompany the photos I have taken, that isn't always possible, currently none of the numbers are working so fingers crossed I don't need to use any.
Moving on to what I'd like to share today, from previous posts you may have noticed that I love to draw, paint, create anything really, so due to the unfortunate and untimely death of my iPad cable, I have had to bring out the messy stuff. 
Paints, pastels, pens, the lot. 

Painting essentials shown above.
Paint, these are watercolours.
Oil pastels, I love the feel of these on paper.
The paper I use, it's definitely the best I have found for using any medium of mark making, no bleeding or showing through to the other side.
They also come in A Three and A Four / apologies, the numbers still aren't working / but I find I just cut up the larger paper anyway.
Finally the baby wipes, now I've tried kitchen towel, blankets and tissues, but to get paint off straight away you need something damp, these are perfect.

For a pallet I just use a plate, there is more surface area to mix colours and the raised edges help me not to spill any.

Mixed media pieces are my favourite to do, I wasn't happy with this before I added the white spots and oil pastel lines.
I don't usually have a plan when I start drawing, it just sort of happens haha.

Like usual, quite photo heavy, but that's what I like doing.
I don't think I was too pleased with how these paintings turned out, I'm not sure if it's the type of paint I'm using; watercolour, I may change over to oils or at least acrylic.
When I paint or draw I prefer to make larger movements over small, detailed marks and I don't feel the consistency of the watercolour give me the satisfaction of being able to feel the paint? That makes total sense, right?

You've made it to the end, congratulations / imagine an exclamation point /

I am always a little worried putting up posts that feature a lot of photos but I always prefer looking at the pictures then just reading a little bit of text.
Feedback would be much appreciated / again, please imagine multiple exclamation points /

Thank you so much for reading.

Hannah xo
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