Good evening.
The other day was the opening night of Northbrook College's exhibitions, my friend had his work up so of course I went along for moral support and free food.
Morgan is doing art and design media, so photography, film, technical stuff.
He made a short film depicting the character making essentially a suicide note to his mother, a thought provoking and moving piece.

This book was his whole thought process going into producing this piece, the equipment he needed, a script, story board and test shots.

Very very proud of his piece, not an easy thing to put out there for a lot of people to see, well done you / gosh, please imagine the exclamation marks, there would be quite a few /

Moving around the college I found one of my old classes, while I was studying there, these students were in the year below me so it was nice to catch up with my previous tutors and see how their work has progressed.

These photos are from the art foundation course which was a year long, Maya hand made a violin which was pretty cool, the range and variety of work was quite interesting.

These last two are of the new finished front of the college, being a university centre also they needed to upgrade the library and canteen areas which are now housed in this geometrical monster.
The light it lets in though is lovely and reminds me of Bucks New Uni..

Overall a really nice evening, always love looking at other peoples work.

Thank you for reading.

Hannah xo
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