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So yesterday, 12th May, was my 20th birthday!
Now I love birthdays, I have been counting down from about 250 days so to say I was excited doesn't cover it.

Nothing was planned but we did end up going out for lunch and a nice drive around, so here's just some pictures I took :)

At Holmbush Tesco there is a Harris&Hoole, I've always wanted to try the coffee from here but Guilford is a little far to go just for a cuppa, so I was rather ecstatic when I saw the sign, there was a lovley lady working there, Jordan, made the experience just perfect, extremely helpful, thanks if you're reading!

So onto Bills.
Eating out is probably my favourite thing to do, I love trying new places and good foods, one on the top of the list was Bills, I first saw it in London's Westfield centre and haven't stopped thinking about it, so when I saw there was one in Horsham, that was it.
The staff were incredibly helpful and fun, obviously we told them it was my birthday, I was telling everybody, but they brought me out a candle on my brownie and even gave me a little present.

The food there is fab, I ordered the Bills Hamburger with monteray jack cheese and bacon, yes, 8/10, it's served on a little slab of wood, it just adds to the atmosphere of the place which is a nice mix between industrial and cosy homes.
So last but not least is the cake.
You have to have a cake on your birthday, of course, but we hadn't planned one or even made anything so I was allowed to pick any one I wanted when we went to Tesco.
I cannot stand jam, in any shape or form, but most of all in cakes, so it was a tough one as the selection of chocolate cakes stretched as far as that damn caterpillar cake that's the coolest when you're 5..
So after debating I chose this pretty little thing and of course got some candles!
Thank you for reading!

Hannah :) x
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