The Display Cabinet.

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One of the main things that I asked for for my birthday was a display cabinet, you know the ones, serious collectors have them, with the spot light at the top, a mirror in the back so you can see all sides of the pieces you've housed inside and glass double doors, quite specific.
But this year Jon found me one exactly like this, we had to build it ourselves, which I'm not going to lie, was bloody hard, but the end result is brilliant.

As well as the cabinet my parents and best friend started me off with some figures to put inside it and that's what I'm showing today, I have always been a massive fan of anything Disney related and have wanted something to keep relating to my favourite movies rather than just a few DVDS.

These figures are part of the Disney Traditions collection by Jim Shore, each piece is hand crafted to make it look like they're made from carved wood, which I think is what I love so much about them.

The patterns and design carved from them are so pretty, especially on the Cheshire Cat, I love how they're all not completely perfect or painted exactly between the lines, I think that is why I love these more than the ceramic versions you can find.
This Mickey Mouse was from my friend Siobhan, I didn't notice at first but it's actually for my birth month of May with the matching stone and flower!

The Cinderella piece is a bit bigger than the others but again being one of my top Disney movies of course it's in there, the design on it is beautiful and it's not too weighty either.

The Cheshire Cat.

I have included some links there if you'd like a look at some of the other ones there are, as for the Mickey figures I believe that you can get any month.

So a massive thank you to my parents and Siobhan for these, I hope to be filling the cabinet up with plenty more!

What is your favourite Disney movie or character? :)

Thanks for reading.
Hannah :) xo
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