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So today I wanted to talk about a few movies in my collection that I could watch every day without getting bored of them!
Watching films is probably my favourite thing to do, the cinema is like my second home, especially on £3 Mondays.
Here are my top 5 movies, in no particular order of course, The Social Network, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Groundhog Day then Sex and the City 1&2.

 Sex and the City is first up, I first got into the tv show a few years ago and became obessed with the world that was Carrie Bradshaw.
When I saw they were making a movie I don't think I could have been more excited, unfortunately for me though no one wanted to come to the cinema to see it with me so I had to wait until it was on dvd and since I bought it I must have watched it over 80 times.. oops.

There's just something about the music, the story, actually I'm not a big fan of 'romcoms' but I think I like it so much because I really enjoyed the TV show!
I included the second movie in this one too as I liked that just as much, I don't think I watch it as often but it's still there.

Next up is The Social Network.
I first saw this when it was in the cinemas way back in 2010 when I still had my Cineworld unlimited card, my that was a magical piece of plastic!

I went to see it with my parents and to say that they were less than impressed would be an understatement, I on the other hand, loved it.
This movie has made it into my top 5 favourite films of all time and I don't think it will be moving any time soon.

The main reason this movie has stuck out so much for me is the cinematography and soundtrack, I have included a still from my favourite scene which is the boat race, the use of tilt shift here left me with wide eyes.

 To follow it's The Grand Budapest Hotel.
What to say about this movie, if I had to try and explain what I look for when I want to watch a film, this would most definitely be it.
I had to watch it twice just to understand what was going on but both times it was pleasure, the acting is superb, the plot consistent, soundtrack and filming style, on point.
This would be my desert island movie as there's something new to see every time you watch it.

Last but by no means least is Groundhog Day.
I first discovered this movie in 2008 and have loved it since, yes it is repetitive, that being the whole point of the movie but the way it's told, the fact it's not your typical comedy or love story, it's just a cynical man who gets stuck reliving the same annoying day over and over.
Bill Murray is one of my favourite actors and I think this is my most liked character by him, of course I watch this movie quite often but February 2nd every year it's a tradition without fail! 

I didn't mean to make this post so wordy but thank you for reading if you made it this far!
My next post I think will be more photo heavy :)

What is your favourite film?

Hannah :) x
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