First Car Boot.

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So last weekend I went to the first car boot sale of 2015 and it was lovely, I didn't take my purse this time, only my camera.
I love going to boots even just to look around at the ridiculous items people are trying to get rid of for low low prices! 
The weather was warm, hardly any breeze which made walking up and down the aisles a little difficult but still enjoyable. 

Books are something you always see a lot of, childrens, adults, my nan is always on the hunt for extremely rare ones she hasn't read yet.
I particularly liked this massive pile of cutlery and the random violin? 
The tradition of car boots is that for breakfast I always have a cheese dog, what a wonderful start to the day at 9am! 
This stall caught my eye as it was full of kids toys, children being made to sell their beloved dinosaurs and TY animals to earn a bit of pocket money, I always found it hard to part with my toys and found a way to smuggle them back to the car haha 
In my area of the south, Roundstone is definitely one of the most popular boot destinations, it is always heaving with people, prams and small dogs.
No matter the weather, it will always be busy. 
Probably my favourite stall, or, floor set up, everything was 20p, I guess they just wanted it gone, I mean who doesn't want 3 pairs of gloves, a set of coasters and magazines from 15 years ago. 
My granddad there pulling the trolley of treasures after two hours of trawling through boxes and boxes of cheap dvds. 
This one was a complete accident as I was lifting the camera to take a photo out of my window, I think the unintentional photos are among the best. 

Until next week!

Thanks for reading.

Hannah :) x
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