Day at Ikea.

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Yesterday I went to Ikea with a friend, Monday being a bank holiday I was a little worried about how busy it would be, when we arrived the car park had 0 spaces on every level so we just went straight to the top and stalked a couple until they eventually decided to leave!

I am enjoying making my posts more photo heavy so I have chosen a few of my favorites :)

 It involved a lot of messing around, probably being too loud and irritating other shoppers but a very good day nonetheless.
The last two pictures are of bedsheets I picked up there, just some coloured crossed lines, I like how they fit with the art that I have been putting on my walls.
Also the poster, 3rd from the end, I got that too as it jumped out at me, there were about 10 posters in total but I loved this one the most.

I love Ikea, most definitely my happy place, even if you go with no intention of buying anything, it's a lovely place to walk around for inspiration or just a wander :)

Thank you for reading.

Hannah :) xo
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