Lip combos.

Hey all!

So I've been looking around the web at some dupes for higher end lipsticks that I've had my eyes on for quite a while now but I'm not ready to commit.

Now lipstick is my favourite beauty item after perfume,
so I thought I would share my favourite lippy combos, I have my fair share of lipsticks and sometimes you just need to wear more than one so that is exactly what I do, I am also really into the mauvey/faded pink lip that's going rought latley and I think the matte formula is definitely my favourite.

 I use this lipliner practially every day, it's such a good base colour and perfect to wear on its own, shown in the top left picture, but it does get a tad drying after a while as it is still only a lip liner but nonetheless it is a lovely colour.
 My Lovelorn has been through the wars, I was slightly too heavy handed with it and managed to snap it from the bottom of the tube and then I left it under a lamp so it melted.. oops.

These two were a random buy from Asda when I was feeling more adventurous than usual and went for a red and bright pink.
On their own I really don't like them so I thought to mix them together, having one on my top lip aswell as the red on the bottom is just the right amount to make a simple coral shade.

Being chubby sticks the ends do tend to wear down a lot quicker than tube lipsticks as they're not pointed to begin with, so I have to use a brush on the bottom to make sure it doesn't go everywhere!

This lipliner is like gold dust, I went through such a faff trying to get a hold of it so I use it sparingly! 
But when I do decide to break it out I can go light or dark, I have really been enjoying purples recently so this is the perfect shade to add as a base the Iced Amethyst.
On the other hand if I want to go a bit more brown toned I will go for Asia, which is a non matte dupe for Mac Velvet Teddy, at least I think so!  


So thank you for reading!

Hannah :) x
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