Hottest day of the year.

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Hey all!

So recently I went over to Brighton with a bunch of lovely people and I managed to snap a few photos.

We found the cutest little vegan coffee shop as something different as we always walk past the place!

I had the nicest caramel latte and a slice of chocolate fudge cake, although they had one which was avocado and beetroot.. a tad adventurous for me! 

There were performers on the prom and we spotted this man making huge bubbles, annoying for him there were children popping them as soon as they were made, but I just about caught this one before it disappeared, even though it's blurry I really like this picture.

We then took a wander down on the pier, when you look at it from the prom it really doesn't seem like it'd take you a good 30 minutes to walk from end to end.. but it does.

So that's a little snippet of Brighton, apparently that was the hottest day that April had seen since 1949, I'd like to say I agree haha

Thanks for reading :)

Hannah x

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